Textiles are resilient materials made from natural or artificial fibers characterized by flexibility, fineness, and a high ratio of length to thickness. They are formed by intertwining, knotting, hooking, netting, matting, and twisting in particular patterns developing in a span of cloth.

Nonwoven fabrics generally referred to as sheet or web structures bonded together by interlocking fiber or threads by mechanical, thermal, or chemical means and combinations of thereof. They are fabrics built directly from a mesh of fiber, without the yarn preparation needed for weaving & knitting.


Leather Fabrics are a broad range of treated animal skins that undertake explicit processing methods depending on which category is preferred. Most of it is created from animal skin either with or without hair or fur on it. Leather was made with the hair or fur scraped off has been used for countless years as a sturdy, heavy-duty material for creating all kinds of garments and accessories.



Eine neue Generation von FIXIERMITTELN für den Einsatz in der Textil-, Leder- und Papierindustrie.

Fixiermittel sind unverzichtbare Zusatzstoffe in der Textil-, Papier- und Lederindustrie.

In der Färbe- und Druckindustrie verbessern Fixiermittel die Farbechtheit von Farbstoffen.

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